How to Record and Report on Parent Attendance

Both Administrators and Teachers can record Parent attendance. Administrators can also run reports on attendance.
Parents cannot record attendance, but can indicate that they are not attending the evening as a whole.

Recording Parent Attendance as an Administrator

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Parent Attendance.
  2. Under Select Evening choose the evening for which you would like to record attendance.
  3. In the drop down next to User Type you can select Student, Parent or Teacher, depending on how you would like to add the information:

    Student - When you select this option you will also have to choose the relevant student under Select Student, you can then enter the attendance for that student's appointments. Parent - When you select this option you will also have to choose the relevant parent, you can then enter the attendance for that parent's appointments.Teacher - When you select this option you will also have to choose the relevant teacher, you can then enter the attendance for that student's appointments.All the appointments will then be listed on screen and you can mark the attendance of the parents.
  4.  If you would like to bulk update the attendance for all the bookings on the list, you can use the drop down next to Bulk Change Below Attendance to change all the listed appointments.
  5. You can also update each appointment individually via the Attendance column.

Recording Attendance as a Teacher

You teachers can also record parent attendance when they log in to the system

  1. From the Teacher Homepage, click the Appointments tab then the Manage Appointments sub option.
  2. Choose the evening from the Select Evening box on the left.
  3. You'll then see a list of the selected evening's appointments and can set the attendance for each using the Attendance drop down box

Notifying Non-attendance as a Parent

Parents cannot record attendance, but when they log in they can indicate non-attendance at the evening as a whole, by clicking I'm unable to attend.

After clicking they will see a pop-up which asks them why they are unable to attend and gives some standard reasons, as well as an optional text box to add more details if they wish.

When they click the Confirm button, they will be returned to the previous page, which now shows Not Attending at the top right of the evening's box.

If the parent subsequently makes a booking, the non-attendance status is removed.

Parent Attendance Report

Once you have recorded attendance for the evening you can run reports to give you an overall view of the data.

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Reports > Parent Attendance.
  2. Choose the evening from the drop-down under Evening.A report will now be displayed, including percentages, number of appointments for the evening, those present, absent or unknown, a pie chart displaying the results, and details of absent appointments.
  3. You can also export information to a CSV file from this page, which you can analyse further if you wish. Select either Export All Appointments or Export Absent Report at the top left of the page.
Note: this guide applies to Parents evenings only, you cannot currently mark attendance for Events.

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