How do I setup Firefly as a parental Single Sign-On method

This guide shows you how to set up your Parents Evening System to work with Firefly. The benefit of this is that it allows parents access once they have logged into their Firefly account, rather than by having to enter their details each time they log into the system.

Before starting, it is important that your system has been synchronised with your management system and the parental email addresses in that management system are the ones you use for Firefly logins. If this is not the case, parents will not be able to login. It is also worth remembering that Parents Evening System does not automatically synchronise, you need to do this manually when you have changed data in the management system. 
  1. On the administrator home page, navigate into System Settings > Parent Authentication. From here, make sure Firefly is selected from the list of Single Sign-On options.
  2. Enter the URL for your Firefly server into the Firefly URL box.
  3. Now that the changes have been made, please click Update System Settings to save your changes.

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