Integris: How to set up Integris integration

This guide will walk you through synchronising your Parents' Evening System with Integris and keeping the data up to date.

How do I set up Integris integration for the first time?

You'll need to get in touch with Integris by filling out this form:

Please make sure that you select School Cloud Systems - Parents Evening System from the long list of companies. After submitting the form to RM, they will begin allowing the integration to take place. This normally takes around 24 hours. 

While they are doing their work, you can prepare a user which will be used later. To do this, please follow our  RM Integris - User Setup guide. Once you've done that, please send us the username and password for the new user. We'll be back in touch when the integration has been setup. This depends on RM's response so it may take a little while. We'll reply to your email and advise you when the integration has been setup.

How do I switch to Integris integration?

If you were previously synchronising using a different management system such as SIMS or iSAMS, you'll need to delete all data from your system. Please consult out this guide  clearing data held on my system for information on how to do this. Then contact us on and we'll switch your system over to use Integris.

How do I run a data synchronisation?

To run a sync go to the System Settings > Integris Sync link on your admin home page and click the Run Now button.

How do I find out when the synchronisation was last run?

If you need to check the last time a sync was run, go to the  System Settings > Integris Sync link on your admin home page. You will see the date of the last sync and if it was a success or failure.

What Now?

Now that your data is synced you can set up an Evening or Event. If you are unsure how to do this please see the following guides:   Adding a new parents' evening or Creating An Event.

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