Adding a new parents' evening

All your data is set up on the system and you're looking to set up your evening. We will walk you through getting everything set up and ready to go!

Steps for setting up an Evening

  1. From the Administrator Homepage click on Manage Evenings & Events and then Add Evening.
  2. Under Date & Time input the date & times you would like to set the evening up for. You can set up your evening to be held in sessions across several dates & times by clicking on Add Another Date to enter the additional information. We recommend doing this, as if you set up completely separate events for these then parents would be able to book the same teacher on each of them. You can set different teacher breaks, start and end times, etc for each session of the evening.
  3. In the Title field enter the name that you would like to give your evening. This is the title that will appear to parents when they access the system to make bookings. The Information section allows you to enter more information regarding your evening that will be shown to the parent when they make bookings. For example, this  could include details of where the parents should report to on first arrival.
  4. From under Appointment Duration select the default length of appointments. 
  5. Select the Appointment Gap you would like to set for the evening. This will force a gap between each appointment  a parent makes giving them time to get to their next appointment. The length of your gap will be determined by the the length of time you have set appointments for on your evening and the number of these timeslots you select under gap.

    For example, if you have your appointment time set as 5 mins and you choose 2 Appointment Slots as you gap this would give a gap of 10 minutes. We would recommend you leave at least 1 appointment slot between appointments.
  6. Under Booking Start enter the date and time that you would like to make the bookings open from. This will determine when the evening is available to parents for bookings. This setting does not affect the administrator as they can make bookings at any time.
  7. Under Booking Cut Off enter the date and time that you would like to stop the bookings been made after. If you do not want this set you can leave blank. This will determine when the evening is available to parents for bookings. This setting does not affect administrators as they can make bookings at any time.
  8. If you would like your parents to be able to enter messages for the teacher when they are making a booking you can select this option from Appointment Messages. These messages will be included on printed appointment sheet and CSV downloads of appointments. 
  9. From under Maximum Appointments per Parent/Student you can select the maximum appointments a parent can make for the evening. If you do not want to set a limit leave as No Limit. 
  10. If you would like parents to only book from a list of pre-selected teachers you can enable this by ticking Parents can only book pre-selected teachers from under Student's Teachers Only. This option should only be selected if you have your classes set up on the Manage Classes page of the system. If you have not imported a classes list, or if it has not synced from your School Management System you should leave this unselected. If this is unselected the parents will be able to add teachers when making bookings by clicking on Add a new teacher.
  11. The Filter Students option allows you to select which Students you would like to be able to book into your evening. The evening will only appear as bookable for the parents of the students in the selected groups.
  12. The Filter Classes/ Teachers  section lets you select which classes/teachers parents can book for the evening. It is important that you select all the relevant classes and teachers under these sections as this determines what would be bookable for the evening.

Depending on the data that is set up on your system you could have the options to select your data from Classes, Registration Tutors, Year Heads, House Heads, Band. If you sync your data from SIMS you may also have an option under Custom Groups which is used to filter any User Defined Groups that you may have set up and synced from SIMS. 

You will also need to ensure that the teacher has the relevant classes/subjects assigned to them under Department on Manage Users.

If you have selected Parents can only book pre-selected teachers the student would also need to be linked to the class. You can check this on Manage Classes.

13. Click on Add Evening and your evening will now be set up on the system. 

Next Steps

Now that your evening has been set up on the system there are a few more tasks that you may want to carry out before parents make bookings.

  1. From the Administrator Homepage if you select Shared Classes you can select which teachers you would like to represent any shared classes you may have.
  2. If you would like to make any of your teachers unavailable at any times of the evening or for the whole evening you can set this up from Teacher Breaks on the Administrator Homepage.
  3. You may have teachers that you would like to be assigned a longer length of time for their appointments than what has been set up for the evening. This can be done from Appointment Length.
  4. If you have any teachers that you would like to start or end their appointments at an earlier or later time than the evening has been set up for you can set this up from Teacher Start & End Times.
  5. Send letters out to the parents advising them of the evening. There are template letters available on the system for this as well under Template Letters.

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