Substituting teachers, disabling classes and managing shared classes

Do you need to substitute a teacher, disable bookings for a class, or manage shared teachers for a specific parents' evening? This guide shows you how to use the Manage Class Teachers feature to adjust which teachers are available.

Note: Manage Class Teachers is only available if your school data has been synced from your school management system rather than being manually imported via spreadsheets.

Manage Class Teachers

  1. From the Admin Homepage select Manage Class Teachers from the Parents' Evenings & Events section.
  2. Choose the relevant evening from the drop-down in the top left-hand corner. 
  3. Every class applicable to the evening will be displayed. You can now set the drop-downs to adjust the teacher bookable by parents for each of those classes. As soon as you change any selection it is saved.
  • The teacher of each class will be pre-selected and the drop-down will show Default - Teacher Name.
  • Where a class is shared, and your school management system identifies a lead teacher, they are pre-selected and shown in the drop-down as Main Teacher. Otherwise, the default option is All Shared Teachers - meaning parents are able to book a separate appointment with each of the shared teachers of the class. 
  • To substitute any teacher, or group of shared teachers, with a different individual, choose that teacher's name from the drop-down. In the example above, Mr P Hall is substituting for the 10B/Bs1 Business Studies class.
  • To disable any bookings for a class choose  Disabled - no bookings.

Copying teacher allocations from an existing evening

You can copy teacher allocations from another parents' evening. For example, if your parents' evening is over multiple dates and you want the same teachers allocated on each date, first set the allocations on the first step and then follow the steps below to copy them over to the second date.

  1. On the Manage Class Teachers page, in the Select Evening drop-down select the date of the parents' evening to which you want to copy allocations.
    Then click on  Copy From Existing Evening just above it.
  2. In the box that appears, select the evening from which you would like to copy and click on Copy Teacher Allocations.
  3. The page will refresh to display the new allocations and you can make any adjustments, as necessary.
  4. Note: Adjusting teachers for classes does not affect existing bookings - they will still remain on the system with the original teacher allocated to the class. Any updated teacher allocations only apply to new bookings made after the change. You may wish to edit or delete such existing bookings if, for example, a teacher has suddenly become unavailable.

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