How can an administrator make a booking for parent for an evening?

Your evening is all set up and you would like to book appointments on behalf of a parent rather than them booking for themselves. We will take you through the steps on adding a booking.

Note: This article assumes that you are logged onto the system as an Administrator a looking to make a booking on behalf of a parent for a Parents' Evening.

Making a booking

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Add a Booking and select the evening you would like to make the booking for by click on the green tick Continue.
  2. From the drop-down under Select Student select the student you would like to make the booking for.
  3. Under the drop-down at Select Parent you can select the relevant parent from the list. If the parent details are not listed you can choose to Add A New Parent.

    Selecting this will then let you add the new parents details and then click Add Parent to add.

    Note: When the parent details are added manually the parent cannot book any appointments themselves. Any appointments would need to be booked by an administrator or a teacher. Should the parents details have already been added manually you can select these by clicking on show all manually added parents.
  4. Once the parent details have been selected you will then be taken to a list of the current teachers assigned to the student. These will be the teachers linked to the student under Manage Classes.

    If the parent has more than one child each child's name will show with a list of their teachers under it. 

    Ensure that any teachers you would like to make bookings with are selected and are in green. 

    You can select and deselect teachers by clicking on their name.
  5. If you would like to add additional teachers to the list click on Add a new teacher.

    Select the relevant department and teacher from the drop-downs Click on Add Teacher and the teacher will now be added to the list.

    You can now select Continue to Book Appointments.
  6. Each column on this screen represents a teacher's name and class.  

    If the bookings are being made for more than one child the child's name will also show in the column heading. 

    The rows contain the appointment times. To book an appointment click Book in the relevant teachers column at the time required.

    The time will show as  Busy if another parent has already booked this time.  If it is showing as unavailable, a Teacher Break or Start or End Time has been entered for the teacher. 

    If you have selected  Allow parents to store messages with appointments on the set up of your evening the Confirm & Add Message box will now appear.

    A message can be entered which the teacher will see when they access Manage Appointments, this will also be included on any printed appointment sheets or CSV downloads of appointments.

    Once the message has been added click  Add AppointmentThe appointment will now be booked and will show the student's name in the timeslot. This will also grey out this appointment time under any other teachers showing to ensure that you can't book another appointment for the parent at the same time.

    If you have set an appointment gap on your evening the appointment times before and after the booking will also be greyed out.

    When bookings are being made for more than one child, and the parent is booking consecutive times with the same teacher, the system will not force the gap as it recognises this is not required.  Please repeat this process as needed to book appointments with all other teachers.
  7. Once you have booked all the appointments an email will automatically be sent to the parent a couple of minutes later confirming the bookings.

    If you need to add any further appointments for the parent you can still add these following the same process.

    Should you need to cancel any appointments just click on the red cross at the side of the booking.
  8. To continue to book appointments for another parent click on Add Appoinments for another Student/Parent in the yellow box at the top of the page. 

    If you have finished just click Home and you will be taken back to the Administrator Homepage.
  9. Once you have exited the screen you can still amend or cancel appointments by accessing Manage Bookings from the Administrator Homepage.

    Under Select Evening choose your evening from the drop-down and to filter the list further choose the relevant details under from under either the Teacher, Parent or Student fields. To delete an appointment you can just click the red cross at the side of the appointment.

    If you want to amend a booking click on the pencil at the side of the booking and you will then be taken back through the booking process.

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