Changing the look & feel including adding a logo

The Theme and Branding section of the system allows you to customise the look of the system to match your school's brand: you can change the colour theme, the title that appears for your organisation, and add a logo. Please follow the steps below to change any, or all, of these.

Updating Theme & Branding

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Theme & Branding.
  2. To change the colour theme, under Click on colour below to change the theme click on the colour block of your choice.This will automatically update the colour theme to allow you to check if the colour works for you. If not, you can try another.

    In the example below I have selected to change my theme to red.
  3. The title that appears at the head of the webpages on your system (in this case 'Green Abbey School') can be updated by changing Webpage Title.
  4. If you would like to add a logo for your organisation you can do this by uploading a .jpg or .png file.

    Select Choose file under Logo

  5. Browse to where your logo file is currently saved and select the file.

    Click on open and you will now see the name of the file next to Choose file.If you already have a logo appearing on your system and would like to remove this select Check to Remove Logo.
  6. Once you have made any amendments select Update Theme Settings and these will be saved and applied for you.The home page will reload and a confirmation message will appear.

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