Where can I view the bookings made for an Event?

You have an event which is all set up and open for booking and would like to view the bookings that have been made for it. We will show you below how you can do this.

Viewing Event Bookings

  1. Select Manage Bookings from the Administrator Homepage.
  2. From the drop-down under Select Event pick the session you would like to view the details for. The event will only appear when the have been bookings made for the session. All the bookings that have been made will now be displayed on screen.
  3. To print the details of the bookings made select Print Appointments from the top left hand side of the screen.
  4. You can also export the bookings to a CSV file.

    This file does also contain additional helpful information relating to the bookings such as the date & time the booking was made and if it was made by the parent or an administrator on their behalf.

    There are a few options available to select to export the file. The option you choose will depend on the information you would like contained in the file.

    To export the information for a particular session select Export Individual Session.If you have multiple session set up on your event and you would like to export all the bookings made for the event then select Export Event.To view the bookings made on all the events on your system select Export All Events.

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