How do I send email Reminders?

Would you like to send emails to your parents to remind them of their appointments or to remind them to make a appointment? This article will take you through the steps to do this.

Note: If you would like to send a text message reminder to parents via Schoolcomms rather than an email please see article How do I send text messages via Schoolcomms?.

Sending an email reminder

  1. From the Administrator Homepage click on Reminders. Under the Send New Reminder section select Email from the drop down list.
  2. Under Message Type select the type of message you would like to send.Selecting Students Without Appointments will send an email to each parents of all students without an appointment for the selected evening. Selecting Students with Appointments will send an email to each parent containing a list of all their appointments they have made.
  3. To pick the evening you would like the message sent for click the box next to the name of the evening under Select Evening(s). You can choose multiple evenings if you wish.
  4. If you have selected Students Without Appointments you can choose the priority of parent you would like the reminder sent to. Click the option you would like this sent to under Parent Priority.
  5. Enter a custom message on the email in the Add a Custom Message box. There is standard text that will appear on the email sent so this field is optional.
  6. A sample of the message that will be sent will show under Message Preview when you have typed the message. This will include the standard text and any details you have entered in the custom message box.
  7. The number of students that the message will be sent for will show in I confirm sending messages for X Students. (X will display as the number of students)If this is correct click on the box next to this. 
  8. Select Send Message to send message.
  9. If you have selected to send your messages these will then show under Queued Reminders.The messages should only take a few minutes to send. 

    Press F5 on your keyboard or click the refresh button to refresh the page until the messages no longer show as queued.

Checking that Messages have been sent

Once the messages no longer shows as queued you can check if the messages have been sent or have failed for any reason.

  1. To check that your messages have been sent click on View Sent Messages at the top of the page.The Reminder History screen provides a list of all reminders that have been sent from your system. Each line contains the Date & Time that messages have been sent, the Type, any sent via email will show this as the type, the Number Sent and a Sample Message.
  2. If the messages you have tried to send do not appear under Sent Messages or the numbers do not tally up to what you would expect you can then check any failed messages.

    To check this click on  Go Back to Reminders.Click on View Failed Reminders. Any failed reminders will then appear on screen with details on the Date & TimeType, Number AttemptedSample Message and the Error.Failed messages can happen for a number of reasons. In this example, they have failed due to there not being an email address on the parents record under Manage Parents so the system was unable to send an email to them.

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