Best practices when using the system for the first time

All your data has been added to the system and your parents evening is set up ready for parents to make bookings. What else do we recommend? In this article we will take you through some best practices to make sure your evening runs as smoothly as possible.

Send communication to parents including Parent Guide

Once your evening has been set up on the system you will need to send your parents a communication to inform them of the new system and how they can book appointments. We have a template letter and parent guide available on the system that can be downloaded and tailored to your school. These can be found by accessing Template Letters from the Administrator Homepage. Please see How do I print a guide for parents? for further information on how to produce these.

Place a link to Parents Evening System on your school website

We recommend that you place a link to your Parents Evening System on your school website. This allows parents to simply access the school website and click on the link taking them directly to the login page to enter their details, saving any issues that could be caused by them typing the wrong web address. If you would like a copy of our logo to add to the link, please contact us and we can send this to you.

Booking Cut Off

Close your evening to bookings from parents early on the day it is running or the night before. This will then allow you time to print off appointment sheets for the evening and any other administration tasks that you decide to carry out. The cut off date and time is set in the set up of your evening under Manage Evenings & Events from the Administrator Homepage. Please see step 7 under Steps for setting an Evening of Adding a new parents' evening to see where this is set.

Teacher Breaks

You may wish to enter breaks during the evening for certain or all teachers, or even make certain teachers unavailable for the evening. Please see  Setting teacher breaks and availability for how to do this.

Start & End Times

If you have teachers that should have a different start or end time for your evening than is set under Manage Evenings & Events you can update their details by following Making a teacher start or finish at a different time.

Check overall availability

Check that you have all your teachers availability set up correctly. This can be done by downloading the booking grid for your evening which will let you view easily the overall availability and any appointments booked for the evening. If you are unsure how to do this please see  Viewing an overall grid of teacher availability and appointments.

Does the booking screen appear as expected?

You can check that the correct teacher options are appearing to parents when they make a booking by trying to make a booking yourself. Please follow  How can an administrator make a booking for parent for an evening? to see the options that will be available to parents when they are booking. Please do not click to actually book an appointment unless you wish to do so as this would then send an email to the parent confirming the details.

Final Check

If you'd like us to give your system a final check, we are happy to do so, just contact us in the normal way.

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