Refresher - Not used the system for a while?

If it has been a while since you used the system and you are unsure where to start to set up your new evening. We will take you through the steps below to get this set up. 

Update Data

The first thing that you would need to do is refresh the data that is on your system to ensure that you have all the correct students, teachers, contacts and classes available for booking. How you do this will depend on the school management system you use or if you manually import your data.

Using SIMS integration: Please see Syncing your data (SIMS) for how to do this.
Using iSAMS Integration: Please see Syncing your data (iSAMS) for how to do this.
Using Facility Integration: Please see Syncing your data (Facility) for how to do this.  
Using Progresso Integration: Please see Syncing your data (Progresso) for how to do this.
Using SEEMIS Integration: Please see How do I import my data from SEEMiS? for how to do this.

Manually importing data: Please see Manually importing Teachers, Students and Classes for how to do this.

Setting up the evening 

Now you have your data set up on the system you are ready to set up your evening. Please see the following guide to set up your evening:  Creating an Evening.

Setting up access for new teachers

If you have new teachers that have been added to your system you would need to set them up with a login so that they can access the system via the Teacher Login. Please see the following guide for how to set these up:  How do I set up logins for teachers?

Teacher Breaks

You may wish to enter breaks during the evening for teachers or make certain teachers unavailable for the evening. Please see Setting teacher breaks and availability for how to do this.

Start & End Times

If you have any teachers that should have a different start or end time for your evening than is set under  Manage Evenings & Events you can set this by following Making a teacher start or finish at a different time.

Shared Classes

For any shared classes that you may have included in your evening you can select the teachers that you would like to be available. Please see  Managing shared classes with multiple teachers for how to do this.

Appointment Length

To give a teacher a different appointment length than is set up for the evening under Manage Bookings please see  Can I set a different appointment length for a teacher?

Send communication to Parents including Parent Guide

Once your evening has been set up on the system you will need to inform parents of the evening and how they can make a booking. We have a template letter and parent guide available on the system that can be downloaded and tailored to your school. These can be found by accessing  Template Letters from the Administrator Homepage. Please see How do I print a guide for parents? for further information on how to produce these.

Check overall availability

To check that your teacher availability is set up correctly download the booking grid for your evening which will let you view easily the overall availability and any appointments booked for the evening. If you are unsure how to do this please see Viewing an overall grid of teacher availability and appointments.

Does the booking screen appear as expected?

You can check that the correct teachers are appearing to parents when they make a booking by trying to make a booking yourself. Please follow  How can an administrator make a booking for parent for an evening? to see the options that will be available to parents when they are booking. Please do not click to actually book an appointment unless you wish to do so as this would then send an email to the parent confirming the details.


Once your evening is open for bookings you can send reminder emails or text messages to parents to remind them to make bookings if they have not already done so or to remind them of the bookings they have already made. Please see  How do I send email Reminders? or How do I send text messages via Schoolcomms? for how to do this.

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