How do I set up on Automatic Appointment Scheduling?

Would you like parents to have the option to simply enter the times they are available and the teachers they would like to see for an evening and let the system find the best available times for their appointments? We will take you through the steps below to set this up.

What is Automatic Appointment Scheduling?

Automatic Appointment Scheduling lets parents enter the earliest and latest times they are able to attend an evening and the teachers they would like to book with. The system then automatically creates the most efficient appointment schedule for the select times and teachers. If the parent is happy with the times they can can accept the generated appointment schedule or if they do not wish these they can cancel and either try again or manually make their bookings. 

This option is currently only available to parents if they are booking appointments on a mobile device. If a parent is using a PC or Laptop to make a booking they will not have this option.

How do I switch this option on?

This option should be enabled by default on your system, however if you would like to double check that it is switched on or if this has been switched off and you would like to put this back on again follow the steps below.

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select System Settings > School Settings and under Automatic Appointment Scheduling click the box next to Enable Automatic Appointment Scheduling
  2. Once selected click Update System Settings to save.
  3. If you want to switch this option off again simply remove the tick from Enable Automatic Appointment Scheduling and click Update System Settings to save. 

What do Parents see?

Once the option is switched on parents would then see the screens below when booking for an evening on a mobile device.

TIP: Remember you can always log in as a parent by using the details in Home > Parents > Manage Parents > Pencil Icon (while hovering over the parent you wish to login as).

  1. Once the evening has been selected the parents will be asked to select how they would like to create their appointments.
  2. If Automatic is chosen they can then select their available times from the drop downs under Earliest and Latest and the teachers they would like to see.Once the details have been entered they would click Automatically Schedule Appointments.
  3. If a schedule is possible, the system will then provide a list of appointment times for the requested teachers. The parent then has 2 minutes to click Accept or Cancel for the appointments. If accepted the appointments will be booked on the system and the parent would also receive an email confirming the appointments.
  4. If neither option is selected within the 2 minutes a message will appear advising the appointments have been cancelled and the option to choose how the bookings should be created will appear again.
  5. Should the system not be able to find a possible appointment schedule to book all teachers within the requested times the following message will be shown:The parent will have the option to try again. We would recommend the parent enters a earlier start time and a later end time and also tries a different selection of teachers. Alternatively, they can choose to book manually themselves.

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