How to Set a Different Appointment Length for Particular Teachers

Sometimes there will be a need for individual teachers to have a different appointment length to the default one set under Manage Evenings. This can be easily done by following the steps below.

Note: we recommend any changes are done before the evening is open for bookings. Changing the appointment length for a teacher once bookings have already been made for them can cause problems, so if you need to do it please contact us for advice.

Setting a Different Appointment Length for Particular Teachers

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Appointment Length and under Evening on the left side of the page select the evening in question. If your evening is being held over multiple sessions/dates you need to return to this step and repeat the process for each of them, if different appointment lengths are needed on them too.
  2. A list of all your teachers included in the evening will now appear. They may appear more than once if they are available to be booked for different departments/classes. Each entry has an appointment length, by default this is the appointment duration set when you created the evening. The only changes to appointment lengths available to you on this page are all multiples of that default duration. This is to make sure that the overall scheduling of the evening fits together.
  3. You can filter the view on screen to only view a particular teacher by choosing them via the Teacher drop down on the left hand side of the screen.Alternatively if you only want to view the details for a particular department, use the Department drop down.
  4. Once you are viewing the teachers that you want, you can change appointment length for all of them, or individually.

    To change all, use the Change appointment length for all teachers shown and then click Submit.
  5. To change the appointment length for individual teachers change the drop down under Appointment Length next to that Teacher (Department)

Changes are automatically saved as soon as you make them. 

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