Manually importing Teachers, Students and Classes

Who should use this guide?

This guide will help you with manually importing data into your new Parents Evening System and should only be used if; you don't have a school management system that we currently support; you are using a hosted SIMS installation which your provider does not support; or we have advised you to follow a manual import method. 

NOTE: If none of the above are the case, manual importation can result in duplicated records - please contact us if you have any questions.

How to import your data to a new system

  1. Enter the web address for your system into your browser. You will be taken to the Getting Started page.Select the Timezone and Date Format you would like your system set up for.Click Next.
  2. From the drop-down under School Management System select Other.
  3. Under Manual Data Importing click on Click Here to open the Quick Start Guide.
  4. A PDF file of the Quick Start Guide will now appear on screen. Follow all the steps contained in the guide

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