How do I backup and clear the data held on my system?

Sometimes it's can be useful to clear out data on your system. In this article we describe how you can clear various types of data, and explain why you might want to do it.

Please note that deletion is permanent - so you need to be absolutely sure before deleting data from your Parents Evening System.

Why would I want to clear data?

If you manually import your data onto the system (rather than integrating with your school management system) you will usually need to clear at least some of that data from your system at the start of a new school year - or during the year, if there have been changes to your years/registration classes.

When you import data via CSV for the new year, the system checks students and teachers being imported against what is already held on the system - if they match exactly they will not be added again. However, where there is any variation (spelling of a name, student's year/registration class, or teacher's title, etc) a new record will be added - which could cause duplicated records if you had not cleared data before importing. 

If your system integrates with your school management system you would generally not need to clear data on your system as it will be automatically updated when ever synchronisation takes place.

Other reasons you may want to clear the data on the system could include:

  • you have been instructed to clear the data on your system by our support team.
  • you have imported incorrect information onto the system and want to clear it.
  • you are changing to a different school management system, moving to a management system weour data to integrating with a school management system - or vice versa - and need to start again with a blank slate.
  • you may simply no longer want the information that is held on the system.

How do I backup my data?

There are a number of export functions on the Parents' Evening System which you can use to get a copy of the data on the system. Here's a list of export functions present on the system:

Export Location
Bookings > Export Appointments The currently selected evening's or evening session's appointments. The teacher, parent and student is listed along with any notes made by either the teacher or parent
Bookings > Export Bookings The currently selected event's or event date's bookings. The parent and student is listed.
Bookings > Export Booking Grid The currently selected evening's or evening session's appointments with all of the teachers at the evening as a column and the times available as rows. Unavailability (i.e. breaks or times outside of each teacher's start/end time) is shown on the export. The child is listed in the cells on the CSV.
Parents > Export Parents A list of all parents currently registered on the system along with their linked students and contact information. If you currently use parent codes for logins, these will also be listed.
Reports > Report > Export Report to CSV
The currently selected report's evening/event detail. This link is present for all reports.

How do I clear my data?

NB: We recommend that data is not cleared while you have any live evenings or events on the system as their bookings will be deleted. We also suggest that you export any information/reports for evenings which you think you might require in the future, as this information will no longer be available once the data is deleted. 

To clear your Parents, Students, Teachers data with appointments, classes or just appointments follow these steps:

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select System Settings > Clear Data.
  2. You can now choose which data to remove:Delete Parents and Appointments - This will remove all the parents information held under Manage Parents as well as any appointments that have been made by the parents.

    Delete Students and Appointments
    - This will remove all the students information held under Manage Students as well as any appointments that have been made for the students.

    Delete Teachers and Appointments
    - This will remove all the teacher information held under Manage Teachers as well as any appointments made with the teacher. 

    Delete Appointments
    - This will remove all the appointments held under Manage Bookings that have been made on the system.

    Delete Classes
    - This will remove all the class information from the system held under View Classes
  3. On selecting an option a confirmation message will appear. To proceed, click the Delete button again or, if you have changed your mind, click cancel.
  4. The selected data will now be removed from your system. You can check this from the Administrator Homepage by selecting either Manage Students, Manage Teachers, Manage Parents, View Classes or Manage Bookings (depending on the option chosen) where there should now be no data visible. 
  5. If you would like to select delete another set of data, simply repeat the above steps.

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