First time user - Setting the system up

If you have not used the system before, and would like some guidance how to get things up and running, this article will show you how.

Setting up data on the system

The first thing to do is set up your data to ensure that you have the correct students, teachers, contacts and classes available for booking.
How you do this depends on the school management system you use. You can also manually import your data.

Using SIMS integration: Please see Syncing your data (SIMS).
Using iSAMS Integration: Please see Syncing your data (iSAMS).
Using Facility Integration: Please see Syncing your data (Facility).   
Using Progresso Integration: Please see Syncing your data (Progresso).
Using SEEMIS Integration: Please see How do I import my data from SEEMiS?

Manually importing data: Please see Manually importing Teachers, Students and Classes.

Set up an Evening 

Now you have your data set up on the system you are ready to set up an evening (see Creating an Evening) or event (see Creating An Event).

Shared Classes

If you have any shared classes included in your evening you can choose which of the teachers for that class you would like to be available for bookings. See Managing shared classes with multiple teachers.

Appointment Length

If you have teachers that need longer appointment times than that selected as default when you set up your evening, see Can I set a different appointment length for a teacher? for details of how to do this.

Setting up access for teachers

To give your teachers access to the system please see How do I set up logins for teachers?.

System Settings

The System Settings option on the Admin Home Page allows you to configure a number of general settings. Please see Configuring System Settings for details on the available options.

Best Practice

For advice on best practice, to make sure your evening runs as smoothly as possible, please see Best practices when using the system for the first time.

Viewing Appointments Made

Where can I view the appointments made for an Evening? shows you how to view details of all the appointments that have been booked for your evening.

Printing Appointment Sheets

To print appointment sheets for your evening see Can I print off appointment sheets for my evening?.


Once your evening is open for bookings you can send reminder emails / text messages to parents to remind them of bookings they have made, or to make bookings if they have not already done so.
Please see How do I send email Reminders? or How do I send text messages via Schoolcomms? for how to do this.

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