All about teacher permissions

Note: This article covers changing the access teachers have on your system once they are set up with a login.  If this is not yet the case, please see  How do I set up logins for Teachers?

Setting permissions for teachers

To check and adjust the access that teachers have on your system, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select System Settings > Teacher Permissions.
  2. You will now see 4 permissions. To grant or remove them, simply check or uncheck the boxes. Update When Available for Appointments (Teacher Breaks) - This option allows teachers to add or remove their own breaks. Note that this is an all-or-nothing permission - you cannot restrict how much break a teacher can allocate to themselves. A teacher can set any number of breaks they wish and of any duration (as long as it is a multiple of the default appointment length you set for the evening)

    Add Appointments on Behalf of Pupils - This allows teachers to add bookings with themselves for their students.

    Delete Their Own Appointments
     - This allows the teacher to cancel any bookings that have been made with them.

    View Waiting List
     - This allows the teacher to view the details of anyone that has added themselves to that teacher's waiting list.
  3. Click on Update System Settings to save.

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