Configuring System Settings

The System Settings section of the Administrator Homepage features a range of configuration settings for your system. Some of the options available are explained below.

Changing the look & feel

You can change the colour theme and/or the title that appears on your system, there is also the option to add a school logo as well. See Changing the look & feel including adding a logo.

Adding Schools contact details and feedback email

To add school contact details, so they are visible to parents when they login, or to add a link for parents to send you feedback please see Adding school contact details & feedback email address.

Switching on manual import

If you normally sync your data from your school management system, but for some reason need to import teacher or student information from a CSV file, or individually add a teacher to the system, then you need to turn on the ability to do this. See How to switch on the manual import option for more details.

Parent Authentication

To set which information parents need to enter to log into the system please see How do parents login?

Changing the text on the parent login screen

If you would like to update the title and text that appears on the Parent Login screen see Changing the text on the parent login screen.

Teacher access

You can configure the permissions that your teachers have when they log in to the system. See Can I restrict the access teachers have on the system?

Waiting List

The system gives parents the opportunity to log a request to see a teacher who is fully booked for an evening, or to request a place on an event if it is already fully booked. Please see Managing the Waiting List for how to enable this.

Changing the Timezone, Date or Time Format on your system

If you would like to change the timezone, date or time format on your system please see Changing the Timezone, Date Format or Time Format on your system.

Clearing your data

To clear previous data off you system please see How do I clear the data held on my system?

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