SEEMiS: How do I specify a custom class (e.g. Support for Learning)?

This guide walks you through how to add a customised group to a SEEMiS CSV file. Such groups act in the same way as a class and the most frequent reason for using them is to allow parents to directly book appointments with their child's SENCO contact, or the head teacher, without having to call the school and ask an administrator to make the booking.

  1. Get the CSV files from SEEMiS as you would normally do when importing data into your Parents' Evening System. If you aren't sure how to do this, please follow our getting started guide for SEEMiS up to step 3.
  2. Make a copy of the "Student and Parent" CSV file as we'll need an unchanged version of this later.
  3. Open the "Student and Parent" CSV file in Excel:
    You need a simple list of each student, however the spreadsheet will have more than one contact for each student so you need to remove duplicates. To do this, select all the columns from A to M then click the Data ribbon and then Remove Duplicates. In the pop-up box that appears, select only the SEEMIS reference column:
    Then click OK, this will result in only one row per student. You can then filter the file so that only the students that you want in your new group appear. Once this is done, select and copy the SEEMIS reference column.
  4. Open your "Teachers and Classes" CSV file in Excel:
    This file is what defines which student is in which class. Find the teacher you need and take a note of the exact spelling of the teacher's title, forename and surname.
  5. Next you need to edit this file to add your new group. For example: "Mrs A Johnston" is also a SfL teacher. To assign her a new custom group, containing particular students you would add something like the following at the foot of the file:The new rows should contain the following:

    • In the SEEMIS reference column, the data you copied from your de-duplicated and filtered "Student and Parent" CSV file in step 3. 
    • In the teacher related columns the details of the relevant staff member that you took a note of in step 4.
    • In the Subject Name and Section columns, what you want the parents to see on the appointments list. For example, SfL, Support for Learning, SENCO, Head Teacher, etc

    Once this is done you can save the spreadsheet.

You can now upload the files to the system.

  • Upload your original "Students and Parents" CSV file that we copied in step 2 to the system using the Students and Parents Import section of the admin dashboard.
  • After that, upload the edited classes file from step 5 using the Teacher and Class Import section of the admin dashboard.The new custom group will now show under the Filter Classes/Teachers section when you edit or create a parents evening.

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