Firefly: teacher unable to log into the Parents Evening System

If you are having this problem, please try the steps below which deal with the most common causes of the issue.

Check email addresses in your management system and Firefly match

Firefly logins for teachers to the Parents' Evening System rely on matching the email held in your management system (in SIMS, iSAMS, Progresso etc) with that held in Firefly. If they do not match, edit them so that they do, then re-run the synchronisation with your Parents' Evening System to update the email address there.

Make sure the teacher's Firefly account has the Set a Task permission

The Parents' Evening System requires the  Set a Task permission in order to allow login using Firefly. If it is not in place, the teacher will be returned to the login page with an error message like this:

Check the Firefly URL in your Parents Evening System

If the Firefly URL is incorrect, you may be attempting to log into an old Firefly system. You can check the Firefly URL via your admin home page  > System Settings > Parent Authentication.

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