SIMS: Parent not appearing on the system or not linked to children

Note:  This article should only be used if you are syncing your data from SIMS using the Parents Evening SIMS Extract Tool.

If you have synced the data from SIMS for your evening but some students are not linked to a parent, or a parent is missing, you can follow the steps in this article to check things are set up correctly in SIMS.

Check that the parent is appearing under Manage Parents

Firstly, check to see if the parent exists at all on your Parents Evening System. Browse to Manage Parents from the administrator home page and check if the parent appears on the page. If the parent is shown, click on the pencil at the side of their record and check if the student is listed under Linked Students. If the parent is not showing, or they are not linked to the student, you need to check the record in SIMS.

Check data in SIMS

  1. Open SIMS and go to Focus > Person > Contacts.
  2. Using the Search function access your parents record. 
  3. Check that the parent has a title under Basic Details.
  4. Ensure the relevant children are showing under Associated Students.
  5. Check that for each child they have the correct Priority
  6. The Parental Responsibility option may have to be checked if you opt to sync only contacts with Parental Responsibility at Step 3 when running the Parents Evening System SIMS Extract Tool. 
  7. The Court Order option may have to be unchecked unless you opt to sync contacts with a Court Order at Step 3 when running the Parents Evening System SIMS Extract Tool. 

If any of the above details are not correct, update them and click Save at the top left.

Check the sync settings and re-sync with SIMS

Once your data is correctly set up in SIMS, run another sync using the Parents Evening System SIMS Extract Tool to update the information on the system. 

Under Step 3: Select Contacts, ensure to select the priorities of contacts which you wish to sync. You may choose to only sync contacts with Parental Responsibility with the Only Include Contacts with Parental Responsibility option. You may choose to include contacts with a Court Order in the sync with the Include Contacts with a Court Order option.

Once you have run the sync, browse to Manage Parents on the system to check the parent appears. To check which students they are linked to, click the edit icon (the pencil) and look under Linked Students.

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