SIMS: Checking that you have the correct permissions for your SIMS user

Note: This article should only be used if you are syncing your data from SIMS using the Parents Evening System SIMS Extract Tool 

In this article we will show you how to check that the SIMS users permissions are set up correctly to ensure that all the relevant data is extracted from SIMS using the Parents Evening System SIMS Extract Tool.

  1. Open up your copy of SIMS .net and navigate to Focus > System Manager > Manage Users.
  2. Use the search function provided to find the user that you are going to be using for the SIMS Extract Tool.
  3. Open up this user and check under section 3, for the groups School Administrator, Personnel Assistant and Third Party Reporter. These will be required to have this account run the SIMS Extract Tool.
  4. If the account doesn't have these groups then have the System Manager add them to the account.

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