How to fix the "Students without linked parents" warning

The red Students without linked parents warning indicates that students have been imported onto Tes Parents' Meetings from a management system, but are not linked with a parent record. Parents of those children will not be able to log in and book appointments, etc. You can get a list of the students affected by clicking the Download list of x students without parents link.

Although admins can make appointments on behalf of those parents, the best solution is to fix the problem at source. This article shows you how to do this for the most common School Management Systems, by assigning the parent to the student in some way or another. Below the table, you will find some steps to find out which circumstances apply to a particular parent.

Circumstances Solutions
The student has not been synced through a management system but other students are pulled from your management system The student cannot be assigned any to parents in a way that allows the parent to log in and make appointments. Admins must make bookings for such students via Add Appointment.
The student isn't synced through from a management system or import file Students can be assigned parents through the parent import in the Data > Import Parents section. In some cases, you may find duplicate students, one synced, one not synced. In these cases you can removed one version of the student. Some steps to check if the student is manually added can be found below.
The student is pulled through from a management system and they have parents assigned to them in the management system The parent may:
  • Be a new contact. Running your management system synchronisation again should resolve this.
  • Not fulfil the criteria to be pulled through. You can find this criteria in the relevant guide on our School Management Systems category. Re-running the synchronisation following this fix should resolve the problem.

If you're in any doubt about the parental record not showing, please get in touch with us on 0333 344 3403 and we'll be happy to investigate.

Identifying a student without linked parents

Linked parents always show under the student's record in Tes Parents' Meetings. To check the student, go into the Data > Students section then click the Edit (pencil icon) button. The page will look something like this:

Identifiying manually added students

You can find manually added students by going to the Data > Students section. Manually added records do not have the cloud icon. The cloud icon is shown in the 'Synced' column in the screenshot below: