Pupil Asset: What data is pulled through?

The Pupil Asset (also known as Juniper Horizons) sync pulls through a variety of information for students, parents and teachers at your school along with the links between them. This guide shows the details and circumstances such information is pulled through.

Object Data Used Criteria Comments
  • Firstname
  • Surname
  • Date of birth
  • Class
  • Year Group
  • Pupil ID
  • There must be something entered for each item of data listed. If any of them are blank then the student will not be pulled through.
  • Students must have one or more classes assigned to show on the system.
  • All data except the Pupil ID is shown on the  Data > Students section. The Pupil ID is used to monitor changes to the details and classes for specific pupils. 
Parents and their links to children
  • Title
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Relationship Code
  • Parent ID
  • Pupil ID
  • The parent must have a title, forename and surname, and at least one student assigned. 
  • You can specify that only parents with the parental responsibility permission are brought through. This is configurable by SchoolCloud
  • It doesn't matter if the email or phone numbers are empty on parental records. 
  • All data except from the Pupil and Parent IDs will show in the Data > Parents section. The IDs are stored behind the scenes and used to link the pupils and parents together. The Pupil IDs are also used to facilitate class changes.
  • Title
  • Preferred Firstname
  • Preferred Surname
  • Email
  • User ID
  • Teachers must always have a firstname, surname and class allocation to be pulled through.
  • Teachers must be marked with the teacher type "Teacher" in PupilAsset
  • Normally we display a room reference for teachers on their record and on the Make Appointments page for parents but Pupil Asset doesn't provide this information so we can't show that data. Rooms are always blank unless you set them in the Data > Teachers section for the required teacher. When set this way, the room is not overwritten.
  • The email address is not required.
  • Add data except the User ID shows in the Data > Teachers page. The User ID is stored behind the scenes to facilitate class links and allow us to track changes to teacher details (e.g. name changes)


  • Pupils
  • Staff Members (along with their Teacher Type)
  • Group Name
  • Group ID
  • The class must be defined with the Group Type set to "Class".
  • A class may not come through if it doesn't have any teachers or students assigned to it. Check the criteria for the teachers and students coming through above.
  • The pupils and staff are a collection of Pupil IDs and User IDs. In the case of teachers, a teacher type is assigned which designates if the teacher is actually a teaching assistant or not. If the teacher is assigned as a teacher, they come through as the main teacher of the class. If not, they will come through as a secondary teacher.
  • All data here is represented by the export found by clicking the Export Classes button in the Data section.

What to do when data doesn't come through

We are limited in what we can do with Pupil Asset's data. If you are experiencing issues with data not coming through, please get in touch with SchoolCloud by sending an email to schoolcloud@tes.com and letting us know the details for the object(s) you aren't seeing on the system. We'll be able to check the data on our end.