Firefly: How do I configure teacher logins?

NOTE: This method assumes you are synchronising your system with a management system such as SIMS, Firefly or iSAMS. If this is not the case, setup may still be possible though it would require some work on our end. Please drop us an email on if you would like to discuss this.


In order to use Firefly logins:

  • The teacher email address provided by Firefly must match with that on the teacher account on SchoolCloud. Please make sure the email addresses for your teachers in Firefly are the same as those in your school management system.
  • Teachers must have the "Set a task" option enabled for their account in Firefly.


When using Firefly logins it is important that you keep your data regularly synchronised with your management system. It's worth making sure you have plans in place to do this if your data manager is out of office for an extended period.

How to set up Firefly logins

  1. Go to Settings > Teacher Authentication, select Firefly Single Sign-On.

  2. Enter the URL for your Firefly instance. This is normally something like but it may be locally hosted.
  3. Click Save to make your changes live.

The switchover is instant so you should be able to test logins straight away by going to your school's SchoolCloud system and clicking the Teacher Login link, then On that page, click Log in with Firefly.


If you have problems with teacher logins here are some suggested solutions to investigate:

  • Make sure our servers have been granted access to send and receive data to your Firefly server. This may be a simple case of allowing our IPs (which are, and access through your firewall and checking your NAT rules.
  • Make sure the email address in Data > Teachers is the same email address assigned to the Firefly user.
  • Check if the user you're trying to log in with has Set a Task enabled in Firefly.

If you're still struggling, please get in touch with our support team by either calling us on +44 (0)333 344 3403 from 09:00-17:00 Mon-Thurs and 09:00-16:00 Fri (UK time) or emailing us on