How to split a shared class

This article has been rendered mostly obsolete by the ability to create Custom Groups in Tes Parents' Meetings. 

Please refer to this article: Creating Custom Groups instead.

Instead of splitting an existing class, create as many custom groups as are required to replace that class, go to the Classes step of Configure Evening to add the custom groups to your evening, and untick the original class itself.


Follow this guide if you're looking for information on splitting a class (with any number of teachers) to sub-classes where a sub-group of students are assigned to one or more specific teachers.

NOTE: importing a new classes file will overwrite any existing classes so the file must contain classes for all students, even if you're only changing a small number of entries.

A background on classes

Classes in Tes Parents' Meetings contain one (or more) assigned teachers and a number of students. To split a class you need to either edit the existing class, or effectively create two (or more) new classes which link a bunch of students to individual teachers.

The process

If your Tes Parents' Meeting system is synchronised with a management system, we suggest you create custom groups for each teacher allocating groups of students accordingly then use the Class Teachers page to simply disable the "old" version of the class and use the new custom groups instead.

If you don't sync with a management system, or the management system doesn't have the ability to specify custom groups, then the Manually changing assigned teachers by CSV method set out below. This method may also be more convenient if you have a large number of changes to make.

Your system is synced with a management system

This is generally the easiest way to split a shared class between the assigned teachers. Here's the process for that:

  1. In your management system, create a custom group for each teacher. You might name the groups with the teacher's name and the class reference, for example "Maths - Mr Jones" or "3Ma1 - Mr Jones". You can find out how to do this in our adding appointments for staff without classes guide for your management system

    NOTE: If your management system isn't listed, and you're not aware how to create custom groups in your management system and sync them to the Parents Evening System, please consult Manually changing assigned teachers by CSV below.

    MIS Link
    Integris Integris: Adding appointments for staff without classes
    SIMS SIMS: Adding appointments for staff without classes
  2. Once the groups have come through when you run the sync, you need to disable the original class: 
    1. Go into the Parents' Evenings section then click Go to Evening.
    2. Click the Configure Evening link then select Class Teachers from the configure evening navigation menu. 
    3. In the Assigned Teacher section for the class code you wish to disable, select Disabled - No Bookings.
      If your evening runs on several dates you need to do this for each date.
    4. Click Save to make the change to the evening.
  3. Because the groups you've created have specific names, you need to enable them in the evening's Classes section:
    1. Go into the Evenings section then Go to Evening
    2. Click the Configure Evening link then select Classes from the configure evening navigation menu.
    3. Select the relevant custom groups so they are present on the evening.
    4. Click Save to make the change to the evening

Manually changing assigned teachers by CSV

You might need to change your assigned classes by CSV if your management system doesn't support custom groups. It can also be quicker to make your changes in this way if you have lots of classes.

The classes file is a spreadsheet which contains a single student - teacher assignment per row. You can assign a student to the desired teacher by just deleting or editing the row(s) containing that student so that only rows linking the student with the teacher you want them to see exist.

To get the classes file, go into the Data section then click Export Classes. A CSV file will be downloaded. Open this file in Excel or a similar spreadsheet application.

For example, to split a maths class with two teachers:

NOTE: The screenshots contain a class external ID column. You might not see this column if your classes haven't been synced through a management system. If your original file doesn't contain it you do not need to create one.



Note that in the edited file the class external IDs have been changed to make sure that each teacher has a different number. While the class external ID is not required, it makes changing the teacher again for that class code easier, as it can be done from the Class Teachers page rather than by editing the spreadsheet again.

Once you've made all the changes you need, upload the file using the Classes Import button on the Data page.

If you do not see the imports section section you will need to turn on manual imports via Settings > Data Import Source > Allow Data to be Manually Imported.

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