Setting up Text Message Reminders

Text Message Reminders let you send out reminders via text message to parents, reminding them the details of the evening. Either SchoolComms or Groupcall can be used to complete the set-up externally, however please use the following steps to complete your set-up within your Clubs & Events system.

Go to  Settings > Text Messaging Settings from the navigation bar and under 'Text Messaging Provider' select your provider. 

At the moment the only options available are Schoolcomms or Groupcall.

If you use Schoolcomms, select that option then enter your user details under  Schoolcomms UsernameSchoolcomms Memorable Data and Schoolcomms Password and then Save.
If you use Groupcall, select that option then enter your Groupcall Customer ID and Groupcall API Key in the relevant fields and then Save.

You should now be set up ready to send reminders by text. How to send Reminders will take you through how to send them.

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