Parent Guide and Template Letter

Letting Parents know about an Evening or Event

Tes Parents' Evenings does not send a notification to parents that a new evening or event is available, it only sends confirmations of bookings, etc. For the initial notification we provide this Template Letter for schools to customise and send out to parents via the school's normal method of communication:

Template Letter

If you've been using the system for a while, and your parents are familiar with how it works, you could also use Reminders to alert parents to the fact that they can book on a new evening. 

Giving Parents a Guide to How to Log In and Use the System

For evenings we also provide a Word document Parent Guide that shows them how to log in to the system - this is automatically customised for each evening and matches your settings at the time you download it, and can be further edited if you wish. Once you have set up an evening you can download it via Evenings > Go To Evening and then on the Dashboard  in the Common Actions box clicking Download Parent GuideIf your evening is going to be held via Video Appointments you should also provide the parents with a link to this guide: Parent Guide for Video Appointments. They do not need to be logged in to see this. 

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