SIMS: Which email addresses are synced into Parents' Meetings?

In SIMS, parents and teachers often have a number of email addresses assigned to them. However, in Tes Parents' Meetings we only use one of these addresses. This article sets out which address will be brought across when you sync your data.


Parent email addresses are not used to authenticate the parent, only to send them confirmations/reminders of their bookings. They are initially brought into Tes Parents' Meetings from their SIMS Contact record in the following order:

  1. The Home email address where it's designated as the Main address
  2. Any Primary email address

This address is brought across into the system via the SIMS Extract Tool if Import Parent Contact Details into the Parents Evening System in Step 3 is selected. (see Syncing with SIMS for more details).

Note: When a parent logs in to the system to make a booking they are asked to enter an email address. This is optional, but you can make it mandatory by ticking the relevant box under Required Login Fields under System Settings > Login Settings.

Any email address that they supply will be added to the parents record and used by the system to send confirmations of bookings, reminders etc. It will not be written back to SIMS.


Teacher email addresses in SIMS are brought into Tes Parents' Meetings in the following order:

  1. The Work email address
  2. The Primary email address

If there is no email address in SIMS, the teacher email address in Tes Parents' Meetings will be left blank. If you wish, you can manually enter addresses by going to Manage Teachers and editing the individual teacher record. 

If the email addresses are set as above but still aren't coming through, it's likely the SIMS user used to sync with the Extract Tool didn't have the Personnel Assistant privilege. Make sure the permission is added then run the sync again from the start.

Note: If you enter the email address manually, this will be overwritten the next time the Parents' Evening SIMS Extract Tool is run. If you do not want this to happen, be sure to untick the Overwrite Emails With Those From SIMS tick box on Step 4.