Two Factor Authentication for admins

Two Factor Authentication is a way of increasing the security of your administrator account by requiring you to enter not only your password, but also a security code generated by your mobile device in order to log in.

How to enable Two Factor Authentication

  1. On your mobile device (tablet, smartphone, etc) install Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

    Google Authenticator can be downloaded from your usual app store on iOS & Android.

    Microsoft Authenticator can be downloaded from your usual app store on iOS, Android & Microsoft mobile devices.
  2. When logged in as an admin, click on My Account at the foot of the Navigation Bar:

    This loads the Edit Admin page for your account.

  3. On the Edit Admin page click on the blue Enable Two Factor Authentication button, just above the Permissions:
  4. You will now be presented with this box:

    Follow the instructions, enter the code and click Verify & Enable.

  5. The page will now show the following: If you need to turn off Two Factor Authentication at some point go to this page and click the link, or go via My Account > Disable Two Factor Authentication.

Please Note that you cannot change the '2FA' setting for another admin user account as that would negate the security it is designed to provide. Only the admin user in question can enable/disable it off for themselves. If that admin user is unable to login, we can update this setting in the database on written request, from the admin in question, to

Logging in via Two Factor Authentication

The next time you log in to your admin account you will be presented with your usual login box. After you enter your details, this box will appear:

Simply enter the code from the authenticator app, click Continue and you will be logged into Tes Parents' Meetings.