Troubleshooting - emails not being received

Normally emails from Tes Parents' Meetings should arrive in your inbox within a short timescale. Follow this guide if you're having issues with emails not received.

Note: As of October 2018, there is a known issue with emails being sent to Outlook/Office 365 being delivered to the Junk folder. Check with your IT team if you're unsure if the school utilises Office 365 for emails. Please check your junk folder and mark the email as Not Junk to ensure future emails are delivered to your inbox. If your school uses Office 365 and you cannot see the email in your Junk folder, please ask the IT team to follow the Troubleshooting Office 365 email deliverability section at the bottom of this guide.

Checking if the email was sent

With the exception of booking confirmation emails sent to parents, all sent emails should appear in the Messages section of your system.If the message shows as In Progress, try clicking the Refresh button and you should see the remaining count go down. If not, and this persists for more than five minutes, contact the support team for assistance.

If the message shows in History, click on it to see if it was sent successfully or not: 

  • If sent successfully but you haven't received the email, continue with the rest of this guide.
  • If not sent successfully, try re-sending the message and if still not working, contact our support team for assistance.

Checking if the email was received at your side

  • emails from your system should be delivered to your inbox, so please first check if the email has been delivered to your spam or junk folder. If so, please mark the message as not spam/not junk so that future emails arrive in your inbox.
  • Be sure to verify the email address the message was sent to matches the one you are checking.

Troubleshooting Office 365 email deliverability

This section is aimed at an IT team who have access to the Exchange Admin panel of the Office 365 Security & Compliance Centre.

You can use the Message Trace feature within the Mail Flow section of Office 365 to check if emails have been received at your end and determine why the email was not delivered to the inbox.

  1. Follow the Run a Message Trace and View Results guide from Microsoft for details on how to utilise this feature.
  2. When searching for messages, ensure to specify the sender as: *
  3. If messages are being marked as spam and delivered to the Junk folder, we recommend adding as a trusted domain in the spam filter policy. See the Configure your spam filter policies guide from Microsoft for more details.