SEEMiS: How to manually import data from SEEMiS

NOTE: This guide is for schools who are new to the system or who are already using SEEMiS. If you are looking to switch to SEEMiS, you can find instructions in our Changing School Management System guide.

We also support a direct integration with SEEMiS, which can be enabled at the local authority level. For more details please contact us.

To synchronise your system with SEEMiS by extracting the records from your existing SEEMiS management system please download this step by step guide: QuickStartGuideSEEMiS.pdf

You can also view our Back to School Webinar, specifically aimed at schools using SEEMiS as their MIS. The first half is looking at exporting your data from SEEMiS, the second half is importing your data to Tes Parents' Meetings and how to set up / manage your next parents' evening. The webinar recording can be accessed by going to: