How do parents make a booking for an evening?

Your evening is now open for parents to make bookings however how to they do this?  In this article we will take you through the steps a parent follows to book appointments.

Note: In the steps below we are assuming that the parent has already logged into the system.

Making a booking

  1. Once logged in as a parent click the green tick Continue on the parents evening the booking is being made for.
  2. A list of the child's teacher's will now show. 

    If the parent has more than one child each child's name will show with a list of their teachers under it.

    Select all teachers that you wish to make appointments with. A selected teacher is highlighted in green. Teachers can be selected or de-selected by clicking on their name.
    If any teachers do not appear on the list, the parent may have the option to add a teacher by clicking on the Add a new teacher and selecting the teachers department and name from the drop down menus.  The ability to add a teacher will only be available to parents if you have not selected Parents can only book pre-selected teachers on the set up of your evening (administrators always have the option to add further teachers).

    If this has been selected the parents will only be able to book with teachers that are linked to their child under Manage Classes.Once all teachers are selected click Continue to Book Appointments.
  3. The next screen is the main booking grid. Each column on this screen represents one teacher's name and class. The rows contain the appointment times. If the parent is booking for more than one child, the child's name will also show in the column heading.
    To book an appointment the parent would click Book in the relevant teachers column at the time required.

    The time will show as Busy if another parent has already booked this time.  If it is showing as unavailable, a Teacher Break or Start or End Time has been entered for the teacher.

    If you have selected Allow parents to store messages with appointments on the set up of your evening the Confirm & Add Message box will now appear. A message can be entered which the teacher will see when they access Manage Appointments, this will also be included on any printed appointment sheets or CSV downloads of appointments.

     Once the message was added they would  click Add AppointmentThe appointment will now be booked and the student's name will be shown at the booked time. This will also grey out this appointment time under any other teachers to ensure that the parent cannot be double booked.

    If you have set an appointment gap on your evening the appointment times before and after the booking will also be greyed out.  If bookings are being made for more than one child, and the parent is booking consecutive times with the same teacher, the system will not force the gap as it recognises this is not required.  This process is repeated as needed to book appointments with all other teachers.
  4. Once all bookings have been entered the parent would select click here from the yellow box at the top of the screen headed Finished Adding Appointments? An email will then be sent to the parent confirming their bookings.
  5. Any cancellations can be made by simply selecting the red cross at the side of the booking.

    When any changes are made further emails would be sent to the parent confirming their new bookings or appointments that have been removed.
  6. The appointments can also be viewed by the parent by selecting the Appointments tab at the top of the screen.

    From this page they can also print their appointments by clicking on Print Appointment Sheet at the top left hand corner of the screen.

    Should they require to amend their appointments they can by clicking on Edit Your Appointments which will take them back through the booking process and they can then delete appointments they want to change and rebook at a suitable time.As an administrator you will be able to view any bookings made by selecting Manage Bookings from the Administrator Homepage.

    From under Select Evening choose your evening and all booking for the evening will be displayed. You can also filter this further by selecting the options under Teacher, Parent and Student.

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