Integris: How to set up / run a sync

Setting up RM Integris integration

Note: On a new system, you will usually have done this via the  Getting Started wizard. In any other case please follow the steps below.
If it is already set up please skip to  Syncing your data from Integris.
  1. Open RM Integris and go to Modules > System Management > RM Integris Datashare. You should see SchoolCloud listed, click on the tile and then click on the Grant Access button.
  2. Once access has been granted, please send an email to confirming this and quoting your DfE reference number.
  3. We will complete the integration and run the first sync on your system for you. Once this has completed successfully we will confirm this to you by email.

Syncing your data from RM Integris

Once RM Integris integration is set up you can run a sync with Integris at any time. We recommend doing so whenever you are setting up a new evening/event to ensure your data is up to date.

You can also run a sync if you have new or changed data in Integris that needs to be brought into your SchoolCloud Parents Evening - including when you have a live evening/event. Be aware that if a teacher or student is removed by running a sync then any bookings involving them would be deleted from the system.

To run a sync with Integris:

  1. Click Data on the navigation bar to load the Data Dashboard.
  2. Click Run on the Data Dashboard
  3. Update Configuration allows you to choose the priority of the parents included - as well as to further filter that priority to only include Contacts with Parental Responsibility.If you want to change what is included pick the preferred option from the drop down and click Save, The next sync run will then include the amended option.
  4. Should the sync fail please try running it again. If you still experience issues please get in touch with us by emailing us on with details of any errors you experience.

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