How to move appointments from one teacher to another.

If a teacher becomes unavailable you can substitute another teacher to take the bookings for their class or subject (see this article for how to do this) however, if the newly-unavailable teacher already has bookings made with them those bookings do not transfer automatically to the new teacher. This article sets out the various options available to you in dealing with those existing appointments.

Option 1. Cancel the appointments and ask the Parents to re-book with the new teacher

Once you have substituted the new teacher see this article for details of how to cancel the appointments and notify the affected parents - use the optional note that can be added to the emailed notification to ask the parents to re-book with the new teacher.

Option 2. Manually edit the existing appointments to move them to the new teacher

Follow this guide to change the teacher on an existing appointment: 
Changing Teachers on an Existing Appointment

Option 3. Request a bulk transfer

If there are a very large number of appointments we can sometimes move them from the old teacher to the new for you, provided all of the following circumstances apply:

  • You need to move all appointments for the current teacher to the new teacher.
  • The new teacher does not yet have any appointments made with them for the date(s) in question.
  • You have closed the evening to further booking until the move has been completed (by changing the Appointments Closed to Parents date/time in Configure Evening > Basic Details to a point in the past).

If all of the above apply then please email us on with your request including the names of the teachers involved and which evening/dates the appointments are on. Please be aware that this may take some time to be completed. We will notify you once it is complete, so that you can re-open bookings.