My School Portal: SSO for parent logins

Parents can directly log in to Tes Parents' Meetings from a link in My School Portal without needing to enter any other credentials (this is known as Single Sign-On). 

Note: parents are authenticated by matching their email address in My School Portal to their email address in Parents' Meetings so ideally both should be synced from your MIS (SIMS, iSAMS, etc) to ensure consistency.

If they wish, parents can still log in as normal, by going to your system address and entering their details. 

To set this up please follow these steps:

  1. Create a link within My School Portal to the following URL:[[stryver-sso]]

    Replacing systemname with the appropriate word from the web address of your system.

    e.g for the system the above URL would be[[stryver-sso]]
  2. In Parents' Meetings go to Settings > Parent Authentication and choose My School Portal under Single Sign-On, then add your portal URL in the box that will appear below it and click Save