iSAMS: parent SSO with the iSAMS Parent Portal

Setting up the iSAMS Parent Portal as your method for authenticating parents allows them to log in to Tes Parents' Meetings via the portal, instead of by entering their details. Parents are matched using their email address in iSAMS (also known as IRIS Ed:Gen) and in Tes Parents' Meetings.

To set it up please follow these steps

1. Submit a support ticket to iSAMS saying that you wish to set up Parent Portal access.

The ticket should contain the following information:

  • That the Parent Portal Client needs to be configured for your system.
  • That the URL a user should be redirected to after successful authentication is:
  • That the URL a user should be redirected to after logout is:

    NB. Please replace systemname with the appropriate word from the web address of your system.
    e.g for a school called Roke the above URL would be
  • That the back channel URL is
  • That the preferred client id is:
  • That the scopes your application requires access to are: 
  • That iSAMS should provide you with a Client ID & Client Secret.

2. Once iSAMS get back to you with the  Client ID & Client Secret, go to Settings > Parent Authentication and choose iSAMS Parent Portal
Enter the details sent from iSAMS in the boxes that will appear underneath.

In the Authority field, type in your iSAMS web address with "/auth" at the end, then click save.

When these fields have been completed and your parents go to log in, instead of being asked for their details they will see a button which says 'Log in with iSAMS'
On clicking the button they are taken to the iSAMS login page. Once they have logged into iSAMS, they are then taken directly into Tes Parents' Meetings.