Inactivity Timeout when using the system

The timeout for inactivity when using the system is 20 minutes. In general, if you take no action within that 20 minutes, you will be logged out - although it may not be obvious this has happened to you until you attempt to take an action, at which point you are asked to log in again. Moving to another page before this point has been reached will restart the clock on the 20 minutes.

Configure Evening and Configure Event operate slightly differently. For example, whilst setting up an evening or adding an event your 20 minute session is restarted when making changes such as:

  • Typing into the Information text area in Basic Details
  • Choosing the date the evening opens for bookings
  • Changing Student Filters (click the Close button on the Filter Student options)
  • Ticking/unticking a subject on Class Teachers
  • Disabling a class
  • Adding/editing/deleting a teacher break
  • etc

Note that interacting with a page in such a way that it isn't making a change to the evening won't extend the timer by 20 minutes, such as:

  • Keeping the Change Teacher box open longer than 20 minutes without clicking the Close button
  • Taking longer than 20 minutes on the Add Custom Appointment Length option box before clicking the Save button to close it
  • etc

If you are setting up a very complicated evening or event, which you fear may entail long periods setting up particular sections, remember that if you first go through each step of the process, and save a basic version of the evening or event, you can then edit it later to add on more complex elements.