Teacher is ill and can't attend evening

A teacher is off ill or unable to attend the evening and you need to cancel their bookings and let the parents know. This can be managed by entering an Teacher Break on the system for the teacher. We will take you though the steps below to show you how this can be done.

How to make a Teacher Unavailable

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Teacher Breaks and choose your evening form the drop-down under Evening.
  2. Select your teacher from the drop-down under Add Break Entry For.
  3. Under Break Start Time pick the time that your evening starts and under Break End Time select the time that the evening ends. 

  4. Click on Add Unavailability.
  5. Any bookings already made with the teacher will then show on screen under Conflicting Appointments.You have the choice to Keep Clashing Appointments or Remove Appointments and Email Parents. The Keep Clashing Appointments option would mean that the appointments would remain with the teacher.

    If you choose Remove Appointments and Email Parents a message will appear on screen to confirm that you are sure. You can then enter a reason which will be emailed to the parents that have an existing appointment with the teacher.Select Delete Appointments to go ahead and delete. A message will now appear on screen advising Successfully removed appointments and emailed parents.
  6. The break entered for the teacher will now show under Current Break Entries.If parents are still able to make bookings for the evening they will now see all the timeslots as unavailable for the teacher and be unable to book with them.

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