Making a teacher start or finish at a different time

Each parents' evening is set up with a default start and end time. However there are occasions where teachers would want to start or end their availability at an earlier or later time than has been set for the evening (for example if the teacher is attending a course). In these circumstances you can enter a different start and end time using the Start & End Times option.

Note: This article covers changing the start and end time a teacher is available for bookings, if you would like to make a teacher unavailable for an evening or at certain times during an evening please follow the Setting teacher breaks and availability article instead.

Entering A Different Start & End Time

Initially all teachers are available from the default start and end time entered for the evening in the Manage Evenings & Events screen To change the times for a teacher please follow the steps below.

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Start & End Times and choose your evening from the drop-down under Evening.
  2. Choose the teacher you want to make the change for from the drop-down under Teacher.

    In the Start and End Time sections select the times that you would like the teacher to start and finish the evening.
  3. Once you have selected all your details click on Add Start/End Time and this will now be set for the teacher.

    You will now see a list at the bottom of the screen under Teachers With Different Start & End Times showing the details for all the teachers that have different start & end times for the evening.If you would like to edit this time click on the pencil at the side of the record and update the details.

    Should you want to cancel the entry just click on the red cross.

Want to check this has been set?

You can check this by trying to make a booking with the teacher.

  1. Click on Add a Booking and select the Evening you would like to check this for.
  2. From the drop-down under Select Student select a student that is in their class.
  3. Select their parent from the drop-down under Select Parent.
  4. Make sure the teacher is selected on the Choose Teachers page and click on Continue to Book Appointments.

    On the booking screen check that the teacher is only available at the times you wish.

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