Arbor: What data is pulled through?

Tes Parents' Meetings integrates with Arbor - allowing data to be read from that management system to SchoolCloud to make the setup of your system much easier. This guide tells you what data we pull through on the Arbor sync, along with any required criteria.

Object Data Used Criteria Comments
  • Preferred Firstname/Firstname (field type can be set on Settings > Data Import page)
  • Preferred Lastname/Lastname (field type can be set on Settings > Data Import page)
  • Date of Birth
  • Tutor Group
  • Year Group
  • Student ID
  • Students must have a leaving date set for a future date, or set to null (which is assumed to be current)
  • Students must be enrolled in a class with a current date to be synced to the system.
  • All data except the Student ID is shown in the Data > Students section. This ID is used to monitor changes to the student in Arbor.
  • If the option to sync Guest Students is selected, all students with Enrolment Mode of Guest Pupil will be brought across.
  • If the option to sync Pre Admission Students is selected, students will come through even if they are not linked to a class with a current date. Students must be marked as future enrolled - click here for the Arbor guide with detailed steps
Contacts and their links to children
  • Prefix (i.e. Title)
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Highest priority email address (can be empty)
  • Person ID
  • Relationship Name
  • Contacts must have one or more children assigned to them. These children must pass the criteria to be pulled through individually that are given in the students section above.
  • Contacts will be synced if they are flagged as Primary Guardian or the Relationship field contains the words 'father'mother' or 'guardian'
  • It doesn't matter if the email is empty for the contacts unless you authenticate using third party SSO. If you are using SSO, you'll need to make sure the email address pulled through matches.
  • All data except the pupil and parent IDs will show in the Data > Parents section. The IDs are used to link the pupils and parents together and to track changes made to those records.
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Title
  • Email address
  • Staff ID
  • The title, forename and surname must be set for teachers.
  • Staff must have a current contract, or one with null start/end dates (which is assumed to be current). Please see this article on the Arbor website for more details - HR Admin Staff Contracts
  • Staff must be assigned to at least one class that meets the criteria below
  • Rooms are not pulled through by the Arbor sync. You can set the room in Data > Teachers section. This will not be overwritten by the sync.
  • The email address can be empty for the teacher, however, if you are using third party SSO you'll want to make sure the email matches what you have assigned to them in your SSO provider's panel.
  • A list of Student IDs per class
  • A list of Staff IDs per class
  • Collection Name (i.e. Class code or tutor group reference)
  • Subject Name (e.g. "Art" or tutor group name)
  • Class ID
  • Type (i.e Class or Tutor Group)
  • Main Teacher
  • Class must be active with a current start and end date.
  • All classes will sync as long as they have at least one valid teacher record and one valid student record.
  • For Academic Unit classes (generally subjects such as Art, Maths etc), the "Subject" field must be not be empty.
  • All teachers that are assigned to the class via Academic Leads will be attached to the class as a Shared Teacher.
  • Classes are assigned both teachers and students and these appear under the Classes section while creating/editing an evening if they are just standard classes. If they are tutor groups, they'll appear under both the Classes and Students section.
  • The main teacher will be denoted on the Class Teachers section while creating/editing an evening.
  • All data here can be extracted using the Export Classes button in the Data Dashboard.
  • Student ID
  • Group Name
  • Group ID
  • Group Type
  • The student must be present in the student section above.
  • The group must be assigned at least one student.
  • A group can be either a house, year or custom group.
  • Groups do not have assigned teachers.

What to do if data doesn't come through

We are limited in what we can do with data from Arbor but we're happy to assist you as much as we can. Please get in touch with SchoolCloud by sending an email to letting us know what you're expecting to come through. We'll be able to check the data on our end.