How to check a teacher is bookable for an evening

If you've set up a parents' evening, but you can't make bookings for a teacher that should be available, this article will take you through the steps to check the teacher is set up correctly to be bookable for the evening. 

Check the Teacher is appearing on Manage Teachers

  1. From Teachers & Administrators click on Manage Teachers
  2.  A list of teachers will now be displayed on screen. Check the Teacher is showing and also that their expected class or subject details show correctly under Department.

    If the teacher isn't appearing on Manage Teachers and you use SIMS, see this article Teacher not appearing (SIMS) or Adding a teacher manually if you're a non-SIMS school.

Check the Subject is selected for the Evening

  1. Go to Manage Evenings & Events and click Edit on the relevant evening that you are unable to book the teacher for
  2. Under Filter Classes/Teachers ensure that all the relevant details have been selected that apply to your evening.

    It is important that you select all the relevant classes and teachers under these sections as this determines what would be bookable for the evening.

    Depending on the data that is set up on your system you may have the options to select from under  ClassesRegistration TutorsYear HeadsHouse HeadsBand. If you sync your data from SIMS there could also be an option under Custom Groups which is used to filter any User Defined Groups that you may have set up and synced from SIMS.

Check Pre-selected Teachers Only Option

  1. Go to Manage Evening from under Parents Evenings.
  2. Click Edit on the relevant evening that you are unable to book the teacher for.
  3. Under Students Teacher Only check if the option for Parents can only book pre-selected teachers has been selected. Selecting this option means parents can only book with a teacher that teaches their child. If selected the student needs to be linked to the Teacher, the Manage Classes section below will show you how to check this.

    If however this option is not selected parents will be able to book with any teacher by clicking Add a new teacher on the Choose Teachers page.

Note: Administrators can make bookings for any teacher, regardless of the Pre-selected teachers only option.

Check that the teacher is appearing under Manage Classes

  1. Under Parents & Students select Manage Classes.
  2. From the drop down under Select Teacher select the teacher's name. If their name is not on the list please see previous section 'Check the teacher is appearing on Manage Teachers'.
  3. Check that all the relevant class and student information is showing. 

    If you have selected  Parents can only book pre-selected teachers for your evening parents will only be able to book with the teachers their child is linked on this screen. If this option has not been selected the parents will be able to able to add additional teachers that do not appear on their list by clicking on Add Teacher.

    If the class or student details do not appear to be correct and you use SIMS, follow the  Check data in SIMS section of the Teacher not appearing (SIMS) article to check they are set up correctly, or the Manually updating classes list article if you're a non-SIMS school.

Testing that you can make a booking with the Teacher

Want to check that you can make a booking with the teacher? Just follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Add a Booking and select the Evening you would like to make the booking for.
  2. From the drop-down under Select Student select the student you would like to make a booking for.
  3. Choose the relevant parent from the drop-down under Select Parent.
  4. All the teachers that are available for booking will show on the Choose Teachers page. These are the options that a parent would see when they are making a booking if the Parents can only book pre-selected teachers option has been selected for the evening. If this has not been selected the parent can then add teachers by clicking Add a new teacher
  5. If you would like to continue to make a booking you can click on Continue to Book Appointments and then select Book at the time you would like to book and then click on Add Appointment.

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