Setting teacher breaks and availability

If you want to make a teacher unavailable at certain times during your evening, or unavailable for the whole evening, you can set  Teacher Breaks

Note: If you would like to change the times a teacher starts or finishes their appointments for the evening please see the Making a teacher start or finish at a different time article.

Why would I enter a Teacher Break?

When you set up your evening under Manage Evenings & Events all teachers of the selected classes will be available for appointments between the start and end times. Setting Teacher Breaks allows you to specify blocks of time when some or all teachers will be unavailable.

This option can also be used if a teacher becomes unavailable for an evening, due to illness etc, and allows you to cancel their existing appointments and send an email to the parents affected.

Adding a Teacher Break  

To enter a new break follow the steps below.

Note: If you would like to copy breaks from a previous evening please skip to the Copying Breaks from an Existing Evening section below.

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Teacher Breaks and choose your evening from the drop-down under Evening

  2. Click Add Teacher Break to start adding your new break:
  3. On the page that appears, select the desired Break Start Time and Break End Time using the drop down boxes.
    Note: The available lengths of teachers' breaks are a multiple of the evening's Appointment Duration setting, chosen when you first create the evening.
    If you want a teacher to be unavailable for the whole evening enter start and end times to match those of the evening itself.
  4. Choose the teachers to which this new teacher break should apply in the Select Teacher section.
    Note: if you need to edit an individual teacher's break (where that break was created at the same time as a group of other teachers) you need to first edit the group to remove the teacher in question - by unticking just them - then set up a new, separate break for that teacher.
  5. If you are adding a break for teachers who already have existing booked appointments you will be prompted if any of them clash with the break. To delete the appointments and send an email click the Remove Appointments and Email Parents button, or keep them by clicking Keep Clashing Bookings.
    If you remove the bookings, you can add a message to be emailed:
  6. The text you enter appears in the email to the parent as the reason:
  7. Once the break is confirmed, it will appear on the main Teacher Breaks page.

When a parent logs into the system to make a booking the times the break has been entered for will appear as unavailable:

This particular teacher is on a break defined by the All Teachers break in our example. You will note that the break ends at 16:00 and the very next appointment slot (16:00 to 16:05 in this case) is available for booking.

Copying Breaks from an Existing Evening

You can copy breaks from one evening to another to save time re-entering similar details. 

  1. From the Administrator Homepage select Teacher Breaks and choose the evening you want to set breaks for from the Evening drop-down
  2. Click on Copy From Existing Evening and select the evening to copy.
  3. Click on Copy Breaks. The breaks will now show under Current Break Entries.

How to check the break has been set up

You can check this by trying to make a booking with the teacher.

  1. Click on Add a Booking on the Administrator Homepage
  2. Select Continue on the Evening you would like to check.
  3. From the Select Student drop-down choose a student in the teacher's class.
  4. Select a parent.
  5. Make sure the teacher is selected on the Choose Teachers page and click Continue to Book Appointments. On the booking screen check that the teacher is only available at the times expected.

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