Creating An Event

An event gives parents the ability to book places / seats online for your school events, for example this could be used for setting up school plays, after-school clubs and school trips.

Setting up an Event

  1. To start setting up your event click on Manage Evenings & Events from the Administrator Homepage and click on Add Event.
  2. In Event Title enter the title of your event. This is the title that parents will see when they log on to make bookings.

    Under Description enter additional details about your event which parents will see on the selection page. For example you could include details regarding your event such as limitations on the number of tickets that can be booked or more details on what the event is for.
  3. The sessions section allows you to set the dates, times and capacity for your event. 

    A session is the date and time that your event is available for booking.  If your event is being held over more than one day or at different times of the day each separate date & time available for booking should be entered as a separate session.

    For example, if you have a play that takes place over Thursday and Friday you can set this up as one Event and set a session for Thursday and another for Friday evening which would then be available for booking.

    If you are setting up After School Clubs you could set the event title as After School Clubs and then put each individual club as a different session and input the name of the club under Name. Set the date for each session as the last date that the club takes place.

    Additional sessions can be added by clicking on Add Another Session. If multiple sessions are set up you also have the option to give each session a separate name to identify them.

    You can limit the number of places available for booking by selecting the Capacity you would like to set under each session.
  4. Now you need to decide how you would like to limit the number of bookings each parent can make. Under Limit by Student or Family you can select to limit the bookings either by Student or Family.

    The student limit allows you to restrict the numbers of bookings that can be made for a student per session under Maximum Bookings Per Session per Student. For example, booking a single space for a club.

    The family limit restricts the number of bookings that can be made by each family over all sessions under Maximum Bookings per Family. For example, restrict to booking 4 tickets per family for a play over two sessions that an event has been set up over. 

    From  Maximum Bookings Per Session per Parent select if you would like to set a limit on the bookings per parent.

    These limits only apply to parents, an administrator can make as many bookings as are available.
  5. Under Open Bookings for the Event enter the date and time the event will be open for parents to make bookings.

    If you would like to enter a date and time after which parents can no longer make bookings, enter this under Close Bookings for the Event. Generally the event is open for book a week before the event begins and closed 24 hours before it starts.

    These dates and times will only restrict when parents can book for the event, as an administrator you will be able to make bookings any-time. 
  6. Choose the filter type you wish to use for the evening then select the groups you want to open the evenings to. The example below would allow only children in bands 8A and 8B to book places on the event.
  7. Click on Add Event and you event will now be set up. This will now show as an option when you select Manage Evenings & Events on the system and will also be available to parents for bookings from the date and time you have specified on set up.

What's next

Once you have set up your event you may also want to send a letter to your parents providing them with the details of the event and let them know when they can start booking.

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