Google SSO

Your teachers can sign in via Google if wished. There are two ways to allow teachers to sign in:

1. Google SSO: see below.

2. SAML: see this guide Google Workspace: How to configure teacher logins using SAML

How are teachers matched using Google SSO?

Google SSO matches teachers based on their email address. It works with both regular Google accounts and Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite) accounts.

Compared to SAML, this is very simple to configure. Note however that it will let teachers try and authenticate with any Google account (including a personal one) but will only let them login if there is a matching email address on a teacher record in your system (you can check these via Data > Teachers).


1. To enable Google SSO go to System Settings > Teacher Authentication and select Google

2. Once selected, anyone going to the  Teacher Login will then see a Sign in with Google button:

On clicking this, if the teacher is already logged into their Google account and the email matches a teacher record on your system, they'll be taken straight in to Tes Parents' Meetings. If they are not already logged in, they will be prompted to enter their email address and google password.


If the email used does not match a teacher on the system, the following error will be shown:

This can be rectified by checking the email address via Data > Teachers to ensure it matches the one being used by the teacher.