Setting different appointment lengths for particular Teachers, Classes or Groups

Note: Custom Appointment Lengths for teachers are only available as multiples of the Standard Appointment Length that you have set. Please also note that you cannot change that standard length once appointments have been made.

All appointment slots are calculated from the overall start time of the event itself. For example: if an evening starts at 16:00 and a teacher has appointment lengths of 20 minutes, the only available appointments/breaks for that teacher will be in 20 minute intervals after that 16:00, 16:20, 16:40, etc. You could not have an appointment starting at 16:30.

Setting a Different Appointment Length for Particular Teachers/Classes

  1. Log into your system as an administrator, select Parents' Evenings on the navigation bar at the left of the screen.
    Go to  Configure Evening for the evening in question.
  2. Click Appointment Lengths.

    The standard length of your appointments is set under Standard Appointment Length.

    If the evening is being held in person, you can also set Travel Time for Parents which forces a gap between the appointments of a particular parent to allow them to move between appointments if needed.

    When an evening is being held by video call you can set the standard Video Call Length, as well as specify if there should be a Gap Between Video Calls (for both teachers and parents).

  3. The Add Custom Appointment Lengths button then allows you to add a different length to the standard length for a particular teacher or class/subject - this will always be a multiple of the standard lengths chosen.

    To set the appointment lengths for teachers of a specific subject choose the subject from the drop down under Select a Subject.

    A list of all the teachers related to that subject will then show and you can tick the teachers who will have the new appointment length.

    To set the appointment length for a specific teacher select the name from the drop down under Select a Teacher.

    A list of all the subjects they are linked to will then appear. Tick the subjects for which that teacher will take different appointment lengths. Below your choice, under Appointment Length you can choose the length of appointment you would like to set. These choices will all be multiples of the standard appointment length set for the evening.

    e.g. if you need a mix of 10 and 15 minute appointments you will need to set the default to 5 - even if you will not have any actual 5 minute appointments.

    Note: If you are using Video Appointments and have added Gaps of one minute or more your Custom Appointment Lengths will be multiples of the standard length plus the gap - but only the number of minutes you chose for your gap will be used as a gap at the end of the appointment.

    e.g. a 5 minute standard appointment with a 1 minute gap means that your appointment slots are effectively 6 minutes long. So your available custom length choices are multiples of 6 minutes (12, 18, 24, etc). However, no matter how long the slot is, the system will always make sure that the final minute of the appointment slot is treated as a gap.

    Please see this guide for more detail on how gaps work

  4. Click Save.

  5. A list of the changes made will show on the Appointment Lengths screen.

    You can amend a length already set by changing Custom Length, or remove any that are not needed by clicking Remove at the end of the row.

    To add any further records click Add Custom Appointment Lengths and follow the same process.

    Once you have made all your changes, click Save.