Adding Gaps Between Video Appointments

Note: when an evening is being held in person, you can also set Travel Time for Parents to enforce a gap between the appointments of a particular parent, allowing them to move between appointments if needed. please see this article for more details.

Note: you cannot add a gap to an evening that has bookings already made on it. However, we can apply a gap to such an evening if you wish. Please be aware that it will involve reducing the effective length of the appointments already booked in order to make room for that gap, whilst preserving the existing start times of those appointments. The gap would also then be applied to any new booked appointments. If you need to do this please click here - making sure that you let us know the length of gap you want to use.

Setting a gap between video appointments

  1. Go into the evening in question, then select Configure Evening > Appointment Lengths.
  2. When an evening is being held by video call you can set the standard Video Call Length here (for more on this please see this article), as well as specify if there should be a Gap Between Video Calls.

    The gap will apply for both teachers and parents and occurs at the end of their appointment slot.

    The gap is set using the drop-down box.

For example: a five minute call length with a one minute gap means that the appointment itself will be six minutes long. The countdown during the appointment will be for 5 minutes, and the video and audio will cease after that time. If the teacher or parent have another appointment due, that appointment will start after a one minute gap.

For more on how adding a gap affects any Custom Appointment Lengths you may set for specific teachers please see this article.

Once you have made your choices click Save at the foot of the page.

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