To allow staff to add bookings for a class whilst preventing parents from doing so

If you need a teacher or admin to be able to book appointments with parents that have a child in a certain class or group, but you do not want the parents to be able to book with that teacher themselves, follow the steps in this guide.

Make sure your teachers can add appointments

Go to Settings > Teacher Permissions and make sure that the relevant box(es) are ticked.For more on Teacher Permissions see this guide.

Add the class/group to the evening

In Configure Evening make sure that the relevant class, subject, or custom group is selected in the Classes step.

Disable booking for the class/group

Make sure the relevant class (or custom group) is set to Disabled - No Bookings in the Class Teachers step.

If it is not, click Change at the end of the row and choose Disable Class. For more on what you can do on the class Teachers page, please see this guide

Once you disable a class on Class Teachers the teacher/class will no longer appear

Note that, once you disable a class in Class Teachers the teacher/class will no longer appear in the Appointment Lengths or Teacher Availability sections of Configure Evening. They will however, retain any Custom Appointment Length, Custom Availability or Break that you had specified before you set them to disabled. If you subsequently need to add any of these you can temporarily re-enable the class, make the changes, then disable it again.

Once you have made the changes your teachers/admins can add a booking with a parent of a child in that class (or custom group) but the parents can not. Any bookings made will be notified to the parent by email in the usual way.

For more on how Teachers make bookings themselves please see the Teacher Guide