Quick Start Guide

This guide is intended as an introduction to the system for first time users. If you've not used the system before - or you would like a re-introduction to it - this is the guide for you.

Setting up data on the system

The first thing you should do on the system is upload your data to it. This will mean your students, teachers and parents will be up to date. This step is especially important for your subsequent evenings as changes in academic year will result in student cohort changes etc.

To set up or sync data with the system, please follow the relevant guide in the School Management Systems or SIMS guide category.

Set up an Evening

Once you have your data set up on the system, you're ready to start creating your evening. To create an evening where all your appointments are being carried out either in-person or video see Setting up a new Parents Evening guide. If you are setting up a Hybrid Evening where you can set up some blocks of time to run video calls and other in-person see Setting up a new Hybrid Parents Evening.

Setting up access for teachers

While not mandatory, you can assign teachers logins to allow them to access the system. This can help ease evening setups, since teachers can add their own teacher breaks - along with being able to see and add appointments. You can also set up Single-Sign On for teachers using our supported methods. Please check the Teacher Logins guide category for information on what we support. You can find more information about creating logins for teachers - and configuring their permissions - in the Teacher Permissions guide.

Viewing/Editing Appointments

You can view and edit appointments in the administrator panel by going to the Evenings section on the left then selecting the evening you wish to see the appointments for. Click the Appointments option on the left after selecting the evening and you'll be able to see a full list of appointments along with being able to print them out and email a reminder to the parents using the relevant options. See this guide

Sending reminders

Reminders are emails or SMS texts (if you use one of our supported providers) sent to parents individually, or in bulk to remind them of their appointment times, or in bulk to remind them that they have yet to make a booking for an evening. You can find information on how to send reminders using our How to send Reminders guide.

Further Assistance

If you need help with a particular task, you can search for it on our help guides. If you don't find what you're looking for or would just prefer to talk about it, you can email us on schoolcloud@tes.com or call us on 0333 344 3403 and we'll be happy to assist.